Superette Bio: A self-service store offering fresh provisions, bread, croissants and sweet buns, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, delicatessen and vacuum-packed meat, poultry, general and dietary products, complements, cosmetics, essential oils, cleaning products and medicines
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superette bio St cybranet dordogne valley

In the golden triangle formed by the Périgord Noir, La Cigale et la fourmi (The Cricket and the Ant) is a self-service store supplying a complete range of “bio” food products.

A specialist store for fresh provisions:   

beautifully airy, walls and islands in attractive wood, bathed in a gentle light, all combining to offer a welcoming atmosphere.

La Cigale et la fourmi superette, covering 280 sq. m. of floor space, offers a complete range of fresh provisions:
fruit and vegetables, cheese, dairy products, delicatessen, meat, poultry and frozen foods.


general foodstuffs
Fresh provisions